On March 1st 2024, the first Ukrainian restaurant in Amsterdam will open its doors in the Alex+Pinard building. Alex+Pinard – the Ukrainian pop-up, will become a place where the passion for good food and Ukrainian culture come together. We aim to make an active contribution to the integration and labor participation on one hand, and to allow our city to get to know and celebrate the beautiful Ukrainian culture and cuisine on the other.

The restaurant will initially start as a two month pop-up restaurant. A place where you can eat and drink well for lunch and dinner. We will have a market stall on the Dappermarkt in front of the restaurant, where traditional Ukrainian snacks and dishes will be sold for take-away. Inside the restaurant, we aim for a more modern touch on the traditional dishes, next to which we will pour organic and natural wines, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, we will have (purchasable) art on the walls, and will offer a space for get togethers and workshops that have to do with Ukrainian culture and/or cuisine.




We cannot do this project alone, so we are looking for passionate people that want to participate and work with us! Who are we looking for?

Head chef
We are looking for an experienced chef, who has the culinary expertise to cook and elevate Ukrainian cuisine, and who can translate this to a menu and a kitchen team. For this position we require that you know how to lead a team, have strong organizational skills as well as passion and commitment. You need to be able to teach, motivate and guide your team. Next to that you know how to manage kitchen calculations and budgets and you know how to source and order.

Sous chef
Are you a sous chef or a chef de partie that’s ready for the next step? In this role we are looking for someone that has the ability to organise time and workload, be initiative, and knows how work well with others as well as lead them in the team. Together with the head chef you will make sure everything in the kitchen runs smoothly, from team performance to monitoring health and safety as well as stock management and ordering.

We have space for experienced cooks as well as people with great passion that are looking to learn. We do prefer knowledge of traditional Ukrainian cuisine, be that from a (cooking) career, or from cooking at home. For this position we are looking for team players, who have attention to detail, commitment, flexibility and the willingness to learn.

Production cooks
Since getting familiar with Ukrainian food, we quickly realized most of the cooking lies in the preparation. We want to run production a few days a week during the daytime and are looking for people that have experience preparing varenyky, khinkali, khachapuri, etcetera. We want to welcome people of all paths of life and ages, so if you got excited after reading this, but you feel like you might be too young or too old for the job, we disagree! The big requirement that this job does not have, is the ability to speak English. Since we will be an almost fully Ukrainian team, we do not mind if Ukrainian is the only language you speak.

(Assistant) manager
We are looking for a manager as well as assistant managers, for which experience is required. Who are we on the hunt for? Innovative and responsible leaders, with excellent communication skills, knowledge of restaurant operations, stamina, consistency, great customer service, attention to detail and fast in decision making and problem solving. You will be in charge of the whole restaurant operation, you will train and educate your team and you will help us shape the restaurant as we go with your creative ideas.

For this position experience is a plus but not a requirement. What we do require is great customer service skills, the ability to work well with others, the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure. We expect you to be thorough and pay attention to detail, have good verbal communication skills, a desire to help people, active listening skills and a good memory. If you recognize yourself in this, we have just the job for you!

Next to these jobs we are also looking for people that can help us with cleaning, doing dishes and setting up the market stall.

Due to the overwhelming number of responses the vacancies are (temporarily) closed, please do check back in the future!